April 8, 2010

How To Give

You gals crack me up!  I am so glad that I am not the only one!  I should probably add that Greg also cooked dinner and I only took pictures in 3 rooms!  You should see the rest!  I too have more laundry—it’s in the washroom! I also have dog hair everywhere and my husband likes to say that I need to sweep when a new dog is growing in the corner! :)
Also…keep up with me on facebook or here this weekend. I plan on posting about IJM’s Global Prayer Gathering each morning and evening!

Chronological Bible Reading

Apr 07 RUTH 1:1-4:12
Apr 08 RUTH 4:13-22
1 SAMUEL 1:1-8
I love Boaz! Does he just seem like the nicest guy or what?  I particularly like vs 2:15 where he tells his workers to not embarrass Ruth but to leave stalks for her to glean.
I think that something that we need to take mind of.  When we help others who need our help, we need to make sure that we leave people with their dignity.  We don’t need to make sure everyone knows that we gave or how much we gave.  We don’t need to make a big deal about it.  Because you know, honestly, we are only able to give because God has blessed us.  It’s all about Him anyways.  From my experience, giving in secret is the most rewarding thing to do!  And it keeps you doing it for the right reason—no thank you, no accolades—only because God put it on your heart and you obeyed.  Try it sometime!
From 1 Chron 4---  Girls, how would you like the name Hazzelelponi?
1 Samuel—I am excited to do this book because I love it!  We gave Abenezer the middle name Samuel! :)

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