April 27, 2010

I love it when God blesses me in the little things!

Okay..I was dying to figure out what this song was. Even commented on a blogger friend’s page trying to figure out what it was. She couldn’t remember either!  We could both only remember one phrase!

Show me how to love like You have loved me. 

Searched all over yesterday and just said a simple prayer of “Lord—have this song come across my path”   Now this may seem such a small thing. But I am a music lover and it feeds my soul.  Seriously…so I was really wanting to worship with this song on my own.  I

It just came on the radio!   I seriously almost fell out of my chair!

Here it is…I LOVED this song!


  1. i love hillsong's hosanna!!! my hubby and i have sung it before in worship and if it were up to me, we'd do it every week! : )

  2. LOVE this worship song!! Hope all is well!!


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