April 8, 2010

Ok, I admit it…..I have blog life envy

It’s true…I look at other’s blogs and I think …How do they do all that?  How are they so darn crafty?  How can they buy all that stuff? Their yard is so well kept.  Their ministry is so neat.  Their lives are so much more together than mine!  They have got it going on!! and then it turns to I am ……. (fill in the blank with whatever insecure thought you can think of)
My husband then reminded me pictures don’t always tell the whole story.  So true.  So…in the interest of fairness…and to help anyone who may think differently about me or that I got it “going on”  …….Here is my REAL life.

Dishes in the sink BEFORE dinner.  And to top if off…Greg washed them.  He took a picture for me to post (ornery thing) but I can’t find the pic.
This is the top of piano…Nice….I don’t like to dust..can you tell?
This is what drives my hubby nuts..my makeshift office on the dining room table. 
This is the kitchen counter clutter…on a good day.
Clean laundry needing to be folded…or they were clean at one time. The dog keeps stealing socks out of it.
Dirty laundry on the floor of my bathroom needing to be washed.
Socks needing to be matched on the couch.
My unmade bed
I’ll be back in a bit with the Bible reading…yes, I am going to keep on ignoring all the above :)


  1. Charisa,
    You do not know how bad I needed this than today:) I think more of us are in your boat than you know. I should post my baby's dirty little face on top of all those pics too!!

  2. Yay! Your house is just like mine! Lol! I can't wait to show my husband because he thinks everyone else is perfect:) But I know what you mean, and you are crafty and I am always impressed by your blog! You do a lot to raise awareness, I've learned a lot from you!

  3. I am so impressed!!!!!
    I especially loved the piano shot, because it looks just like mine!
    Thanks for being honest and posting the REAL you.

  4. Looks like my house...except my laundry piles are a lot bigger, both the clean and the dirty. My dog doesn't steal socks. But his hair is on every single thing we own.

  5. Oh Charisa, I so love this post! Thanks for the honesty Sister!

  6. Life is meant to be lived.....it's all good :)

  7. great post! There's no way I'd post photos of my blown-up dining room right now..or my bedroom, or the office-closet-storage room that is soon-to-be our daughters room. LOL, we have so much to do, so why am I on the internet?! :) I've felt the envy too at times, but it is a very good point about photos and reality. Good wishes!

  8. Charisa, I love the real-ness! I've said before on my blog, we certainly don't have it all together (although it always looks like everyone else does!)!!! Thanks for sharing your real life...
    It really is exhausting trying to be perfect and faking it...I really hope I'm growing in this area!!!

  9. I know exactly what you mean with the blog envy thing! I'm was just about to go to bed without cleaning up the kitchen from tonight's pancake "dinner", I feel a little better about it now! Thanks for being real!

  10. I did not know you lived in MY house! That's MY sink! That's MY bedroom! Those are all of MY dirty clothes on the bathroon floor! LOL! The only thing you did not take a picture of is the amount of dirt I sweep up off the hardwood every evening. I promise there is enough dirt in the house to grow a garden! Thanks for keeping it real, girl! You're the best.

  11. when were you at my house taking pictures??? oh wait, no it wasn't, b/c in my house you cannot even see that there IS a sink under all the nasty dishes-that my hubby also did :) Blogs can be great, but they acn also set up some weird expectations we put on ourselves. LOVE is what is most important, and you cann't put that in a picture all the time, but your show it in your words, sister, so no worries about the house, it looks just like every other mom who is NORMAL and would rather LIVE her life than be a slave to someone else's idea of perfection!! Love it and thanks for sharing it-AND I love your bedframe, GORGEOUS!!

  12. That's my life every day...except ours is messier, i promise!! :) No one can hold a candle to our filth and disgust...seriously, you'd feel so much better if you could just visit for a day :)

  13. Chrissy! This post and the great responses make me feel so much better!! Wait till your kids all turn into slobby teenagers and bring their slobbly teenager friends over to hang out (wouldn't want it any other way)!! I only wish you would have taken a picture of your closet...you can't even wade through mine, my husband has to tie a rope around my waist to haul me out after I ring my bell!!!!

  14. best post ever!!! love it and thank you for being real. I'm right there with you :)

  15. I thought you broke in and took pics of my house!

    I'd love to put my house on the market and move to the town I work in - life would be a lot easier on many levels... but that would require me cleaning my house in hopes to get some people to look - never mind.... I like the town I'm in.... it's easier.....

  16. Charisa,

    i love you for sharing your "real" life! I feel so much better about mine! I have piles on most surfaces in my house, of various and sundry things. And living on a dirt road, don't even get me started on dust!

  17. Yup. Looks just like mine. ::sigh:: Once day my house will be clean and orderly more days than not. Then I will be sad {or so I am told} because that will mean the kids are grown.


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