April 15, 2010

Our First Baby Card

This is a post that I am at a loss at words of even how to write. Mainly because we are so blessed and so humbled by a gift that it is just hard to write it down. But I must—to share how God moves and works in hearts—even in the midst of tragedy and unimaginable pain.
So, with the family’s permission, I want to share about a gift we received this week. First, I’d like to tell you about them.. We met the Hodge family at our homeschooling co-op several years ago. They have a heart for Haiti and a heart for missions. They are a family that causes you to smile when you think of them.
Six weeks ago, they received a knock at the door that none of us would ever want to receive. Their 17 year old son, Seth, had wrecked his car and was gone. I cannot even imagine receiving that news. The heartache and pain and questions that would go along with it.
The Hodge family has been a HUGE testimony to their church, their friends, and the entire community. Their son is with the Lord—dancing in Heaven, sitting at Jesus feet—and they recognize, believe and celebrate that news. Do they mourn, have pain, and cry? They do—they miss their son, their brother, and their friend. But they also know that they will see Him again one day---and that is good news! News that brings hope into the grief. It has been amazing to watch them encourage others during their time of tragedy. It has blown my mind on several occasions and I know that it is only God through them.
I received from them my first baby card this week:
IMG_3817Inside it was this note:
We wanted to give you the money that we would have spent on Seth’s birthday. We were blessed by God for 18 wonderful years with a beautiful child. I can’t think of a better way to use his birthday money. You are opening your arms to receive another child that God will provide for you, what a beautiful picture of love and adoption of us as His children.
The Hodge Family
As you can imagine, we are humbled and honored. I ask that as you read this that you take a moment and pray for the Hodge family. Please lift them up to our God of all comfort and He who gives hope. Pray for their continued healing and blessing as they lift up God’s name during this time.
Seth Hodge


  1. Charisa- it is stories like these that make life worth living. Praying for the Hodge family that the blessings that they give may be returned unto them...immeasurable.

  2. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. This is true beauty... what an incredible way for them to honor their son. I'll be praying for Seth's family.

  3. Praying for them right now! I can't imagine, and what a powerful testimony to God and how HE works. So hard......praying!

  4. Praying! and crying. How sad and sweet. Praying their hearts will be healed and that they will be comforted.

  5. crying now. already was praying for them the moment i started reading about their situation, then more fervently upone reading their note! amazing what God can do with a willing heart. what a blessing!!

  6. Awesome!!! It has been truely amazing to see the hand of God upon them during this time of loss....they continue to bless others even during this difficult time. What an inspiration to others!!

  7. crying, and praying for this dear family. Lifting them up, for God's peace and love to surround them. What an incredible testimony!

  8. O Charisa, how amazing...for you, for that family, and for Seth's memory.

  9. thanks for sharing that. WOW! What a wonderful God we serve! And what wonderful servants the Hodge family are! I will be praying!

  10. oh wow! what an amazing family!!! God is being glorified through their heartbreak. what an amazing blessing they've given to you!

  11. Truly a powerful testimony of the hope that lies within that can only come from knowing our Creator and Redeemer. A beautiful child, a blessing I'm sure to his family.

  12. WOW! Praying for this genergous, giving family and their tremendous loss...


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