April 6, 2010

Seeking Justice Where You Are At

One of the things I hear quite often when I share about IJM is “well, how can I seek justice right here where I live?” This is a very good question because not all of us can devote our careers to justice or go to foreign countries to do so. But, we all can seek justice right where we are. It’s all around you. All you need is some time, heart, and occasionally some boldness.

Take a look in your neighborhood. Is there a refugee center that you can help with? donate goods? help teach English? drive someone to work ?

Is there a shelter for abused women and children? I just took a group of girls today to hear about one and to see how we can help. Their need? For us to make books to give to kids who come in. Currently they have 10 kids under the age of 5—and we live in a small town. It’s a book to help the kids to process their feelings and know that there is hope.

Is there a homeless mission? We have friends that go weekly to help out. They take the whole family and stay and play games with the residents.

What about foster care? There are many children in each town who could use a loving place to stay. You can be a long term foster parent, emergency foster parent, or respite care. Each are needed. Yes, there is a lot of red tape and at times can be a frustrating system—but it’s the life of a child. Click here to watch Dave Thomas’ (from Wendy’s) touching video on foster care. There are currently 123,000 foster children waiting to be adopted in the United States.

Try a pregnancy help center—They need counselors, donations, and people to help with fundraising.

Around people who speak their mind of racist thoughts? How about speaking up in defense of others against prejudices? It doesn’t mean you have to be rude or offensive but a gentle word can speak volumes.

How about you? Anyone else have ideas to share about how to seek justice right where we are at? If so, leave a comment sharing!

Also coming up: A new bag style is being made and new t-shirts with the same Africa that is on the bags! Stay tuned!

Chronological Bible Reading

Apr 06 JUDGES 19:1 through 21:25

An interesting read after being at an abused women’s shelter today and hearing the abuses women face today. This story leaves me frustrated. An unjust and horrific crime is done—a tribe that will not deal with the perpetrators, and then a battle ensues. A rash vow is made and then while trying to fix a problem-more unjust crimes are committed.

vs. 21:25 sums it up again : everyone did as he saw fit

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  1. Those are some good ideas! I've been reading the book you sent me. IJM is amazing! We need more people like them.


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