April 21, 2010


Grrrrrr…How is that for an update?  It has been one thing after another with this home study. As soon as I think we are done, something else pops up.  We received the draft on Sunday but it had a bunch of mistakes on it.  So we had to send it back with corrections (like it had that I had no employment history—now I know I didn’t have any jobs to brag about but I did have some!). 

I checked email Monday and Tuesday a million times to see if it showed up in our agency’s email.  Nope.  Darn it. 

I emailed our home study agency nicely asking “WHERE IS MY HOMESTUDY???”

I received an email today that she is trying to send the draft to our caseworker but the email server is acting up and she keeps getting a delay response!

So….I am back checking the computer a  million times a day! :)


But…I did get some stuff done at least….including more shirts finished!  Newest ones available.  These are small shirts but aren’t teeny tiny small.  Normal small ! :)



201 200


  1. I know that feeling. My social worker flat made stuff up, I would get me draft to review and just sit there thinking, "Where on Earth did that come from?". Very frustrating.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry! Seemed like we had issue after issue with the entire adoption process so far, so I feel your pain. Soon everything will be done, you'll get your number, and you'll forget (or at least the memories will fade) your frustration from now. HUGS!

  3. what is it with home studies:!!!:) ours was all messed up too, with stuff from other people's home studies sprinkled through, the wrong age and sex, etc. I think that if I ever decide to go back to school (right now I am an rn) I will be a social worker specializing in home studies!!:) Praying that you get it approved soon!

  4. hoping that your homestudy comes in soon, im at the same stage too, just know that you are not alone. My first home study had my name missed spelled each and every time, What FUN. praying for computers and home studies everywhere, ALissa ( another IAN family)

  5. So frustrating to wait and wait and then find so many errors! Praying for a smoother process... GOT OUR SHIRTS YESTERDAY! THEY'RE WONDERFUL! Can't wait to show them off once I can leave our house! hee hee

  6. Charisa,
    I just want to know how you had somebody draw me and I never even saw them:)....praying for you. Glad to see your homestudy finally arrived!


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