April 1, 2010

Waiting For Friends

I had a wonderful day today sharing with a group of women about IJM. Their heart cry and tears to God afterwards in prayer blessed me and I know it blessed God. We thought about how God is passionately indignant and furious about what is happening to His children through oppressors—rape, slavery, illegal detention, widows having their land taken—and the list goes on and on. But….on the flip side of that…Christ died on the cross for those same oppressors. He bore the sin of the rapist and the abuser. He took on their sins. Try to wrap your head around that for a moment. A God of justice and mercy.
I just received an email that you can follow the Global Prayer Gathering online next weekend. Click here for the site. I did this last year because I could not go and there were times I sat in front of the computer in tears. I am hoping to blog and share about it while there (for sure afterwards!) depending on internet and time. I cannot wait to see how God moves while there!
I was excited to find this book for only $3 at Big Lots today! Those of you who know me well, know that I love Jewish history and traditions. This book is a beautiful re-telling of a Jewish family in hiding going to a secret Seder to celebrate Passover. A beautiful reminder of the determination and courage of the Jewish people in a horrific time.
As I type this post we are waiting for Ab’s friends (a brother and sister) from Hannah’s Hope Ethiopia to arrive. They are spending the night and Ab is excited. The smell of Himbasha is floating through our house (even though it didn’t seem to rise this time!) Here is a pic of Ab and his friend from Hannah’s Hope on their bed and in the can getting ready to leave Ethiopia. They haven’t seen each other since being at Hannah’s Hope—though they talked on the phone to each other. Click here to see video of them talking to each other in amharic when they first got home. I am so glad I recorded these to be able to go back and hear them.
It will be interesting to see how they all react to each other.
A small loaf of himbasha…can you smell it? mmmmm
Rebekah’s newest bag. I really like the blue and black together!

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