May 21, 2010

Adoption Update

dWe have a few updates on the adoption. One is that IAN has moved into their new care center.
From IAN:
IAN is happy to announce that our new care home is up and running! The younger kids have moved over and are settling in to their spacious new surroundings!
ethiopia 4_10 099
Also…on referrals. It has been slow for a while due to the elections which will take place May 23. Please pray for the government in Ethiopia.
Here is an update from IAN regarding adoption and elections:
During this time, court officials are extremely preoccupied with election business and are not available to process paperwork that allows children from outlying regions to be transported to Addis and become available for adoption. This has been a large part of why referrals have slowed down recently, and we look forward to things picking up again after May 23, although it may take a few weeks for things to return to normal.
I look forward to things returning to ‘normal’ also! :) Ready for some friends to receive referrals and for my numbers to begin dropping!

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting. I wondered if there was any effect on adoptions from the elections but hadn't heard anything. How long do you think your wait will be?


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