May 23, 2010

Guatemala Trip

At the end of June Bekah and I (and our friend Savannah) will be traveling to work at Dorie’s Promise in Guatemala. We will work at the orphanage, women’s prison, and the dump.

We each have 2 special friends at DP for the week to take care of. (help with projects,meals, bedtime etc). We received their pics and bio’s this week. It was neat to the see the faces of who we will be loving on for the week.

Below are pictures of the dump and some of the children there. These children and their families live in the dump.


Their survival depends on what is brought in on the garbage truck each day.7630_101814586501693_100000194554328_51186_5005353_n

Can you imagine your child growing up here?


dump 2

7630_101814583168360_100000194554328_51185_3644182_nOne of things we get to do is take food baskets to families.

For $20 we can take a basket of food to a family. I would love our arms to be loaded with food baskets!

Would you like to help?

Your $20 would go straight to taking food to a family.

You can donate through the below paypal button.

For more on where we are going, check out Forever Changed International.

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