May 25, 2010

Heart for Zambia? Mission Trip?



As most of you know, we are involved in a ministry that works in squatter’s village in Zambia.  We have been blessed to part of Grassroots Heroes for almost three years now. 

For more on the Grassroots Heroes page tab above or the Zambia links to the right (videos and posts)

What are we involved in there? 


Mango Grove School.  A joy to work in and love on the kids.  Such a privilege to see how much these students learn and how the teachers educate with so little supplies.

Community & Women's Meetings 205

Women’s Cooperative.  Women who are determined to better themselves and their circumstance. Women who will dance and sing at a moment’s notice.  I cannot wait to see them again.

Micro-Enterpise.  Projects that will enable families to sustain themselves financially.

  zambia 2

There are many things that we can do there depending on the group’s gifting.  We need those who are willing to help teach English.  We can help in the school. We can do projects.  We can encourage and lift up those who are on the front lines every day.IMG_4526

Would you like to be part of this trip?  If so, let me know at .  It will be Oct 22 for 10 days and we will stay at Heroes Farm next to the village with our YWAM hosts.

Costs:  $1060 for food, lodging, and transportation.  Airfare is usually around $1500.

If this is something you would be interested in…let me know asap and I can send you an application.

I would LOVE to have you join us!

zambia 054


  1. i love to hear about all that the Lord is doing there!!! may He provide all the funds you need!

  2. oh, Charisa! I have this beautiful vision of our family (all 9 of us) working alongside one another in projects like this.

    Do you know how frustrating it is???
    If we had that kind of $$ we'd be starting our adoption.....
    LORD! What will you do with these willing workers??????

  3. I hear your heart Gail and I share your frustration!! And that is a beautiful vision!!


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