May 1, 2010

A Laugh for the Day

I was browsing through cafe press looking for a specific tshirt.  I found so many that made me just crack up…

Here’s a few:
Back off Angelina!  I’m taken!
Don’t tell my mom, but she doesn’t look a thing like me!
A kid’s shirt that said “Sorry to have kept you all waiting”
So far no morning sickness, but the paper cuts are terrible!
Patience Schmatience, Waiting Sucks!

This one really made me laugh!  It is sooo true!
WARNING...Ethiopia Dark T-Shirt

Still didn’t get our number this week (boo!) I received the homestudy paperwork Friday from Richmond and my agency is in another state so I’m thinking Tuesday?  Hopefully so. My caseworker said she’d call me as soon as she receives it.


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE!!!! Too funny, needed a laugh :)

  2. I love those, too! hope you receive your # soon!!!

  3. I have some of those on my Facebook. Love cafepress =)


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