May 4, 2010

Scratch me off the mother of the year award!

Rachel’s official birthday party was last weekend. We have a wonderful drive-in near us and we took her and some friend to see How To Train a Dragon. As we drove up she remarked that she hoped I didn’t forget the cupcakes. Of course, I …….did! Ugh! Snow cones all around and we just ate the cupcakes for breakfast!

I would post some lovely pictures the girls in the back of the car and on the blanket watching a movie…..but…I also forgot the camera!

So…yes, it’s true, I will not be earning the mother of the year award. Let’s just hope they don’t forget me on Mother’s Day! :)

Today is her official birthday. I cannot believe she is 10 years old! Rachel Grace is a joy. She loves to laugh, sing, play the piano and just plain be silly. She is tenderhearted and is very in tune to other’s feelings. I am excited to see how God works in her life as she grows.

We are having lasagna for dinner (her choice) and we had fun making her solve riddles to find her birthday presents. I did have the camera for this!

IMG_4035 IMG_4038 IMG_4046






  1. Happy Birthday, Rachel!!! Hope you had a wonderful kind and let your mom off the hook this time! She really is a wonderful mom. Miss you guys! Martha


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