May 5, 2010

Wait Listed!!

Our home study finally arrived at the office!

Our caseworker called at 9 this morning to say it was on her desk. We are excited that this paperwork stage of the adoption is over. Now all we have to do is apply for pre-approval for immigration and to wait.

Our numbers are higher than we anticipated but that’s okay…all in God’s timing and plan (please remind me of this when I whine or am impatient!)

Before I share them, I wanted to explain a couple of things.

First of all--our agency does NOT find children for families. They find families for children. There is a HUGE difference in that statement.

Second—why a waitlist for a large amount of children needing homes? Well, there is quite a bit of paperwork that adoption requires both in Ethiopia and America. There are doctor visits, blood testing, papers to be signed and so forth. The orphanages and government can only process so many during the week.

Third---while the numbers seem large, keep in mind that families can be on several different lists on one time. If they receive a referral, several lists can go down in numbers.

Hope all that makes sense. If not, feel free to email me to ask any questions.


For an infant girl


For an infant boy



  1. Congrats! Such a feeling of accomplishment finally getting all that paperwork done!

  2. Congratulations! It will be exciting to see how long you wait and who the child is that God has in mind just for you!

    How is my bag coming? It will be fun to get a surprise in the mail someday!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! Most of your papercuts are behind the longing and waiting and dreaming stage. I pray your dreams will be sweet & filled with visions of what God wants for you!!!

  4. SO GLAD!!! THE WAITLIST!!! If we ever get out of FBI waitland we'll join you!!

  5. Congratulations on being a waiting family!!!! :)

  6. congratulations!!!
    Alissa #46

  7. exciting! congrats!

    btw - i'm going to borrow some of your language on this on our blog, and of course, give you credit for it!

  8. Congrats on being on the waitlist!!! I am excited to watch it all unfold!

  9. Welcome to the waiting game! Big, exciting day!!

  10. WooHoo! How exciting to be at the wait-list stage! So glad for all of you.


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