May 16, 2010

Wow! What a couple of very busy days!

We finished up our school year this past week with our year end tests. This was Ab's first year and I am AMAZED how well he did. The only struggle he had was on the grammar part.

We had the AWANA Grand Prix for Ab's age and his logging truck won 3rd place!

We had our last co-op day of the school year and the year end play. The highschoolers did a wonderful job on the play. It was Cheaper Than a Dozen (a true to the story play).

Add in some soccer games

and my computer crashing. (insert hysterical scream) Hoping to get it fixed tomorrow. Computer guy is coming. Until then, I may be a bit absent...I am unable to access any email addresses, pictures, or feeds!

I was on my way out the driveway this week and saw a beautiful rainbow right over top our house. Stopped the car and ran in to get the camera and show the kids.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful rainbow pic!!!! Sounds like a lot of good things- except your computer crashing!


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