June 30, 2010

Day 3

Yesterday we got up and helped feed the babies breakfast and then we went to the women’s prison.
Drove a bit away and then parked and walked some.   When we went our bags were searched and we were searched and then our arms were stamped.
We took a tour and were served a wonderful breakfast.  very very good.  eggs, tortillas, fried plantains, cheese,  and beans.
The women were very friendly and outgoing.
We then did a craft and I received my pedicure.
The gal did such a great job (though I have nothing to compare it to) she meticulously scrubbed and lotioned my feet.  We tried to communicate---if anyone was listening they got a big kick out of it.  It usually ended up with both of us going “I’m sorry” and laughing. very sweet spirit and gentle nature.  She had been in prison for 2 years and had 11 more to go.
We came home and did vbs with the kids at Dorie’s Promise.  They are some smart kids!IMG_9563
It was a great day.  I love the people of Guatemala!

June 29, 2010

Guatemala—Day 2

We woke up this morning and our first thing to do was devotions.  We read and discussed Romans 12:3  For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.
We then started on a work project for Dorie’s Promise of planting flowers, weeding, and scooping out ash from the volcano.  The stuff is everywhere. 
IMG_9513 Half of our group went to the women’s prison (we go tomorrow) –the rest of us stayed behind to finish planting and play with the children. 
We three headed to the baby room!
Afterwards we had dinner and then headed back to the home for helping out with bedtime.

After dinner we had ‘debriefing’ and answered these 3 questions with each other.  What was the high of the day?  the low?  what was challenging?

June 28, 2010

Guatemala Day 1

The pictures are a bit out of order..but I am too tired to fix them :) so bear with me.
On the airplane!
And of course, Pickle comes with us!
The girls are making puppets out of their barf bags.  And left them sticking out for the next passengers. It was quite funny.
The ghetto—words can’t even describe it.  God is doing some beautiful things there.
This is Ashley, our community outreach leader with her godson. God is using her mightily. She lives in the ghetto with the people she serves.
Meeting our Forever Friends for the first time.
At the park for play and lunch
more of the ghetto
IMG_9467 IMG_9500IMG_9469IMG_9484
The house below is covered with bullet holes.  Gang violence was very prevalent at one time. God is moving here and people’s hearts are changing.
Below are some of the families we met with. We only took pics when appropriate.
It was so humbling. We hugged and kissed, gave food, heard their stories (amazing!) and prayed over the people.
IMG_9468  IMG_9472 IMG_9475
This gal prayed for us!
Volcanic ash that is everywhere. It is all in our heads like sand from the beach.  
We are so far having a great time and are with a great team!  I am so humbled and blessed by the families stories.  To have someone cry with tears of thankfulness when you hand them food---brings about a flood of emotions.
The people are beautiful and praise God for all the work being done by willing servants.

June 25, 2010

Bags Packed & Ready to Go!!

We are finally packed and ready to go. I ‘think’ I have everything packed. That’s the problem with packing as you get time—you forget what you’ve packed! But I ‘think’ I remembered everything!
Also...the guest house now has wifi...so I am hoping to update and blog each night about our day!
We’ve got all of our donations packed and our stuff is intermingled throughout. The huge duffle on the right is lovingly referred to as ‘the body bag.’ It is huge and awkward to carry but allows you to cram a lot of stuff into it!
We also were given enough funds to get at least 15 19!! food baskets!!!
Thank you friends for donating for that and for first aid supplies! We are truly blessed and thankful! (you can still jump in if you’d like ! They are $20 a basket—email me at gcknight@verizon.net by 6 today)
How to pray for us:
1) Pray that God will be honored and blessed in all that we do. Pray that we will flexible and quick to hear His voice and the Spirit’s prompting.
2) Pray for our safety.
3) Pray that we will know more of God through this trip.
I was reflecting on the trip the other day and praying that we would each have the right attitude and motivation. God spoke to my heart as I prayed. So often we do things as wanting to help—which isn’t necessarily wrong. But sometimes that can come off as us being ‘above the people.’ or better than them—and we are not. Just born into a different set of circumstances.
I want to go as a servant. A sister in Christ coming to serve the people of Guatemala for 1 week.
May God grants us love and compassion and eyes to see what He sees. May He break our hearts for what breaks His. May He change us---to be more like Him.

June 23, 2010

Getting Ready

The girls and I were blessed to meet with my friend Terry one evening to hear about Guatemala from her trips and perspective.
ps..this is a horrible pic where I look like a sleeping giant—but it’s the only one I have.  :)
terry and girls
Terry is a friend from high school that I recently was able to re-connect with.  Terry has a huge heart for  Guatemala and goes over several times a year to work in whichever way she is needed.
Terry is blessed to be able to work with Impacto and Kairos
We were grateful for all of the tips and heads up that she gave us.  After a good meal at Baja Bean and some laughter—we felt more prepared.
The girls and I are going with Forever Changed International.
Click on the link to see more about them and pictures of where will be. They have mission trips open now for you to join!  I also just found that we will have internet access while there so I am hoping to update you with pictures and stories!
We have one suitcase packed and ready and weighing just at 50 pounds. One still has some room to stuff more things in and the other are still open as we are continually stuffing more things in them.  Trying to pack as much stuff as possible but not going over our weight and not crushing everything gets tricky! :)
I also cannot wait to meet my friend Maria who I have conversed with in Facebook and blog world for over a year! Now we will get to have a face to face conversation!  (Maria’s children and Ab were at Hannah’s Hope together)

June 22, 2010

Build a Nest?

I have a huge desire to nest.
  I walk through Walmart , Target, Goodwill and yard sales (the last 2 are my real shopping arenas) and imagine who I am buying for.
Boy or girl ? How old?  Super curly hair or just a little bit?  Temperament? and then the big question—When?
I look at the Care Center and imagine my child being there—being taken care of and loved.
Hubby asked if it would help if he brought up a bunch of stuff from the field for me.  He thought the kids and I could make a nest in the front yard. If I recall correctly, this earned him a nice punch.  It would make a nice blog picture though, wouldn’t it?

June 21, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1) Adoption Update: Went to USCIS today to get our biometric fingerprints (3 hour drive each way.) I was a bit nervous because my prints were rejected so many times for the cps check. But all were fine except for a thumb –but the nice gentleman said that it would be ok.

2) Little kids are doing VBS this week. Last night was the first night and they both had a great time. Except—Ab declared the snack (a big of cheese puffs) did nothing except to make him hungry. My boy likes his food in large amounts.

3) Just found that my friend Carissa and I have something in common…Boston Terriers.

Meet Clyde:

He’s a dog with quite the personality.

IMG_0182 IMG_0190 IMG_0191

This is his “SQUIRREL!” look. (From the movie Up if you don’t get that)



June 20, 2010

Ethiopian Recipes

Yataklete Kilkil
A vegetarian dish from Ethiopia—There are various versions. Here is one we made the other night.
4-6 servings
  • Potatoes-peeled and cut into chunks  6
  • Carrots-peeled and cut--4
  • Green beans, cut in half—1/2 pound
  • Onion, chopped—2
  • Garlic minced—2 cloves
  • Gingerroot, peeled & minced—1 Tablespoon
  • Chili pepper, minced—2-3 (I omitted this)
  • Oil, butter, or niter kibbeh –3 tablespoons (I used niter kibbeh)
  • cardamom—1/2 tsp
  • salt and pepper to taste

1. Place potatoes, carrots, and green beans in a large saucepan, cover them with water and add 2 tsp salt. Bring to boil over medium heat, then simmer until veggies are done. Drain, reserve water, and set aside.IMG_4594
2. Place the onion, garlic, ginger, and chile pepper in a food processor or blender and puree until smooth.
3. Heat oil, butter or niter kibbeh in a large saucepan over med. heat.  Add the onion puree and saute until the moisture evaporates and onions lose their rawness (6-8 minutes).  Don’t let onions brown.IMG_4597

Our niter kibbeh




4. Add cooked veggies, cardamom, salt, pepper, and about 1/2 cup of reserved water. Stir well and simmer on low heat for 15-30 minutes. (mine didn’t take that long) I also added more of the niter kibbeh.
Serve hot or at room temp.

June 18, 2010

I’m amazed by You!

God has done it again. He is so like that!  Blesses my heart repeatedly.  I love being amazed by Him.
Amazement #1
Tuesday night I went to bed and could not get a specific person off my mind. It wasn’t someone that I talk with everyday or had any reason to be thinking about. It was a associate in one of the ministries that we are involved in—someone I see maybe twice a year.  It was an overwhelming heaviness on my heart for them. I prayed for them and felt release and was finally able to be at peace and go to sleep.
I emailed the next day (after debating for a while of wondering if they would think I was a weirdo)  and told them the story and just hoped things were okay in their world.  I quickly got an email back that there was reason to pray and it was needed.  She was amazed and I was amazed.  We both marveled at the Spirit’s work.
Amazement #2
I recently started doing donation coordinating for our agency IAN.  I was blessed to do this for AGCI and see the amount of supplies that can be provided from people here as they travel to pick up their kids.  This helps to get quality items to the orphanages and saves them money and we are blessed to help out. Win-Win-Win. 
I received an email from a gal (previous adoptive mom) who want to send at least 2 totes filled a year—and has items ready to go right now!  It made my heart glad.  Check out my new friend’s blog here.
Would you like to help?  You can collect items yourself and ship them to a family going or donate funds to help a family who are leaving soon.
Email me at gcknight@verizon.net and I can send you a list of needed supplies.

June 16, 2010

Day of Giveaway Links!

I am at the hospital with my dad while he is getting a chemo treatment. He’s asleep and I am bored.
I thought I’d link some giveaway posts for you to use!
Here is one for a t-shirt and scrapbook page!

Tom Davis’ book Priceless and coffee giveaway.

Junk Posse is also doing a giveaway for the shirts below! (she is doing 3 giveaways!)


My brain is dead and I can’t think of anything really worthwhile to say….so I thought I’d give a free ad (not that I charge anyways!) to some adoptive buddies for their shirts and other fun stuff.

Enter here for a giveaway for a really cool t-shirt. (or buy one of you don’t win!)


Check out my friend Tricia’s new shirts and hats. She has a variety of options. I really like the pink/brown ones.


You can also buy some jewelry and other things at this friend’s site:


and of course, an ad for myself!  You can still buy the Love Is Not A Color t-shirt from my blog! :)

Love Is Not A Color T-Shirt

June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1) I am reading this book right now. IMG_9359

I found this book at Big Lots one day marked 50 cents. It looked interesting and you can’t go wrong with 50 cents. It’s a good ready. I go between agreeing, laughing, and thinking “I can’t believe he just said that.” It’s the story of his life and meeting Jesus. I love reading people ‘stories’. I may not agree with all of the their thinking or theology but I love reading how God brought them to the realization of His love and grace.

2) I am considering giving away this dog.IMG_9367

Not really…but she’s ticking me off. She thinks it is fun to run and jump through the garden especially when I am trying to weed it (yes it’s a small garden—I know my limitations!) Problem is..she usually lands right in the middle of the green beans and tomatoes. Now…I don’t like tomatoes (neither do the rest of the family) so that’s not too big of a problem. Why do I grow them? just like the way they smell and look :)

3) Fairy House Making is back on the agenda at our house.IMG_9370

Yes, they are real…because I’ve seen the glitter left behind :)





IMG_9372 Here is the fairy bed we’ve made. Looks pretty comfy. A seashell, flower petals, and grass to hold it all together.




4) A new facebook group has been made for you to help spread the word for your fundraiser!

It’s called Adoption Fundraising and Giveaways. Check it out! It will have a giveaway each month and will help you spread the word of your fundraisers! (I am having trouble creating a link for it..keeps coming back to my page. Just search it or find it from my facebook page.)

Those of you who don’t have fundraisers—check it out for giveaways and to see the latest things people are doing! Great place to find t-shirts and other items to purchase!

Happy Monday Friends!

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