June 2, 2010

2 of My Favorite Things

Sara Groves and International Justice Mission

Head over to Sara’s blog to see the video of a widow in Rwanda that IJM is helping.  Her husband had died and she was soon kicked off her land.  She had no place to go, no where to grow food.  After a long battle, she has won her case.

Look at her face.

Hear her story.

Hear her song.



  1. i'm so with you on sara groves! she has a beautiful heart!

  2. Thanks for sharing...Sara Groves is my absolute favorite Christian artist!

  3. Have been a long-time Sara Groves fan. To see how God is working in her and through her in Rwanda is inspiring...it played a part in our decision to adopt.

  4. I know gals! It's because of her dvd I Just Showed Up for My Own Life that led us to be Justice Advocates for IJM. @ Tina...Rwanda grabbed our heart..It was one of the first countries that we checked into (after Zambia :))


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