June 22, 2010

Build a Nest?

I have a huge desire to nest.
  I walk through Walmart , Target, Goodwill and yard sales (the last 2 are my real shopping arenas) and imagine who I am buying for.
Boy or girl ? How old?  Super curly hair or just a little bit?  Temperament? and then the big question—When?
I look at the Care Center and imagine my child being there—being taken care of and loved.
Hubby asked if it would help if he brought up a bunch of stuff from the field for me.  He thought the kids and I could make a nest in the front yard. If I recall correctly, this earned him a nice punch.  It would make a nice blog picture though, wouldn’t it?


  1. Oh, I remember posting about nesting last summer...the waiting is so hard, isn't it!!! I think I should have done what nesting I could have ahead of time, I'm still seeing projects around here that were on my nesting list then!

  2. I am still having a hard time with nesting. I have tons of stuff.....but it is hard as I have no idea how old she will be when she gets home.
    So, if I had to add on the gender question....
    I will say- after stalking the blog since Apr 09 and watching people go through. It will get to a point that you will know if you will get a call for a boy or girl =)


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