June 30, 2010

Day 3

Yesterday we got up and helped feed the babies breakfast and then we went to the women’s prison.
Drove a bit away and then parked and walked some.   When we went our bags were searched and we were searched and then our arms were stamped.
We took a tour and were served a wonderful breakfast.  very very good.  eggs, tortillas, fried plantains, cheese,  and beans.
The women were very friendly and outgoing.
We then did a craft and I received my pedicure.
The gal did such a great job (though I have nothing to compare it to) she meticulously scrubbed and lotioned my feet.  We tried to communicate---if anyone was listening they got a big kick out of it.  It usually ended up with both of us going “I’m sorry” and laughing. very sweet spirit and gentle nature.  She had been in prison for 2 years and had 11 more to go.
We came home and did vbs with the kids at Dorie’s Promise.  They are some smart kids!IMG_9563
It was a great day.  I love the people of Guatemala!

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