June 9, 2010

Do You Need a Roof?

Imagine you are a young girl in a village in Zambia.
Imagine that you are the mom of twin babies.
Imagine that you are doing all you can to care for them on your own—you have no husband.
Imagine that you have no roof on your house to protect you and your children.
This was a real scenario. A heartbreaking one. Until last week.
Thankfully—through people who care—God stepped in.
This young mother now has a roof over her head.

That’s what Grassroots Heroes is all about--helping you to make a difference for people who need our help.
Helping you to educate a child for $15 a month.
Helping you to help people to begin and continue projects to sustain them themselves financially.
Helping you to support those who are on the ground and minister each and every day—our grassroots heroes in Zambia.
Would you like to become a Grassroots Hero too?
Email me at chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org for more information.

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