June 23, 2010

Getting Ready

The girls and I were blessed to meet with my friend Terry one evening to hear about Guatemala from her trips and perspective.
ps..this is a horrible pic where I look like a sleeping giant—but it’s the only one I have.  :)
terry and girls
Terry is a friend from high school that I recently was able to re-connect with.  Terry has a huge heart for  Guatemala and goes over several times a year to work in whichever way she is needed.
Terry is blessed to be able to work with Impacto and Kairos
We were grateful for all of the tips and heads up that she gave us.  After a good meal at Baja Bean and some laughter—we felt more prepared.
The girls and I are going with Forever Changed International.
Click on the link to see more about them and pictures of where will be. They have mission trips open now for you to join!  I also just found that we will have internet access while there so I am hoping to update you with pictures and stories!
We have one suitcase packed and ready and weighing just at 50 pounds. One still has some room to stuff more things in and the other are still open as we are continually stuffing more things in them.  Trying to pack as much stuff as possible but not going over our weight and not crushing everything gets tricky! :)
I also cannot wait to meet my friend Maria who I have conversed with in Facebook and blog world for over a year! Now we will get to have a face to face conversation!  (Maria’s children and Ab were at Hannah’s Hope together)


  1. I've always wanted to go to Guatemala! I hope you have a great time there, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. This is awesome! I pray you have a blessed trip. I used to work with a non-profit that worked closely with Kairos and it is a great organization!


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