June 28, 2010

Guatemala Day 1

The pictures are a bit out of order..but I am too tired to fix them :) so bear with me.
On the airplane!
And of course, Pickle comes with us!
The girls are making puppets out of their barf bags.  And left them sticking out for the next passengers. It was quite funny.
The ghetto—words can’t even describe it.  God is doing some beautiful things there.
This is Ashley, our community outreach leader with her godson. God is using her mightily. She lives in the ghetto with the people she serves.
Meeting our Forever Friends for the first time.
At the park for play and lunch
more of the ghetto
IMG_9467 IMG_9500IMG_9469IMG_9484
The house below is covered with bullet holes.  Gang violence was very prevalent at one time. God is moving here and people’s hearts are changing.
Below are some of the families we met with. We only took pics when appropriate.
It was so humbling. We hugged and kissed, gave food, heard their stories (amazing!) and prayed over the people.
IMG_9468  IMG_9472 IMG_9475
This gal prayed for us!
Volcanic ash that is everywhere. It is all in our heads like sand from the beach.  
We are so far having a great time and are with a great team!  I am so humbled and blessed by the families stories.  To have someone cry with tears of thankfulness when you hand them food---brings about a flood of emotions.
The people are beautiful and praise God for all the work being done by willing servants.


  1. It's so fun to see the photos! I'm praying for you guys :) Enjoy every moment together!

  2. I have checked your blog maybe one time but saw a Gualtemala post (from Kristi Johnson's blog list) & had to check because my husband just got back on Sat night from Guatemala and Forever Changed!!!! I loved looking at some of the pics and see people he had talked about:) We'll be praying for you this week & those sweet kids!


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