June 12, 2010

Homeschool Convention

As I type this I always wonder what is the ‘official’ way to write homeschool?  I see it so many ways. Oh well.
Greg and I ran to Richmond last night to peruse the used book sale and the exhibit hall.  I love to go and do the whole weekend thing but that just didn’t work out this time.
We went in knowing we only had about 3 hours.  As we walk in we say an old friend of ours.  It was wonderful go to catch up and hear how God was working in his life.  Amazing—God can take so much yucky stuff and turn it into learning, growth, and fresh starts—and with no bitterness about the yucky stuff. Pretty neat.  God is good.
While the hubby caught up with our friend, I did the quick view of the used stuff. I didn’t buy anything but was able to look through some books I was wondering about.
We then run to the exhibit hall. Looked at a lot of stuff and wanted to buy a lot of stuff but I really trying to only get what we will use.  There is so much good stuff out there but you can’t use it all!
Spent a lot of time at Knight’s Book Knook.  They had some neat stuff at cheap prices. Here is my favorite purchase of the day from there shop.
It was only $10! It is profiles of great men and women of faith who shaped Western Civilization. It looks REALLY good. It has a picture, character trait they represent, famous quotes, scriptures to go with it, personality profile, discussion, and review questions, how to apply it to you life and what it means.  I think this will be our family devotions for a while!
We also spent quite a bit of time in the Answers in Genesis booth and purchased this:
This is a dvd curriculum on Defending the Faith. I really like their books. It’s actually made for a group. Maybe I’ll start one :)
We also bought this science for Joshua:
This is a 6 book pack for science.  All on the physical world.  Heat & Energy, Machines & Motion, Inventions & Technology.  Daddy will be helping here!  This is mom’s weak point.

We also stopped by HSLDA and talked them for a bit.  A great organization that defends our right to homeschool.
It’s very energizing to see all the other people there and see all the things available.
The homeschool market has grown tremendously since we started.
Now time to plan for next year—hoping to have a good bit planned ahead since I am hoping to also be flying to Ethiopia loving on a little one at some point in the school year!

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  1. I always wonder about the word "homeschool" too. When I was deciding to homeschool. I thought how can I teach my kids I don't even know how to spell the word :)


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