June 18, 2010

I’m amazed by You!

God has done it again. He is so like that!  Blesses my heart repeatedly.  I love being amazed by Him.
Amazement #1
Tuesday night I went to bed and could not get a specific person off my mind. It wasn’t someone that I talk with everyday or had any reason to be thinking about. It was a associate in one of the ministries that we are involved in—someone I see maybe twice a year.  It was an overwhelming heaviness on my heart for them. I prayed for them and felt release and was finally able to be at peace and go to sleep.
I emailed the next day (after debating for a while of wondering if they would think I was a weirdo)  and told them the story and just hoped things were okay in their world.  I quickly got an email back that there was reason to pray and it was needed.  She was amazed and I was amazed.  We both marveled at the Spirit’s work.
Amazement #2
I recently started doing donation coordinating for our agency IAN.  I was blessed to do this for AGCI and see the amount of supplies that can be provided from people here as they travel to pick up their kids.  This helps to get quality items to the orphanages and saves them money and we are blessed to help out. Win-Win-Win. 
I received an email from a gal (previous adoptive mom) who want to send at least 2 totes filled a year—and has items ready to go right now!  It made my heart glad.  Check out my new friend’s blog here.
Would you like to help?  You can collect items yourself and ship them to a family going or donate funds to help a family who are leaving soon.
Email me at gcknight@verizon.net and I can send you a list of needed supplies.

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  1. Definite BLESSINGS!!! Love it when God knocks our socks off!!! :)


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