June 11, 2010

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Update on numbers….I believe that now we are

  For a Girl

  For a boy

We also got our USCIS fingerprint appt.  We will go in 2 weeks. Hoping that I have no fingerprint issues!  It’s an early 8 am appt which means an early wake up for us since our local office is in  Fairfax.
Update on Ab’s Citizenship
We applied for our COC July 2009.  After waiting and waiting and waiting, we made an appt .(only way to find out anything we were told because when we applied, we were told to mail it to our local office—now everything goes to the central office in Dallas)
At the appt we were told that it was still in a pile and hadn’t even been looked at yet.  We were told there was 1 gal who handles all of those and that they had some turnover recently and she was behind.  They said to wait 3-6 months more and then to make another appt and drive back down (2 1/2 hours) to find out anything. 
You know, I’ve become pretty good at waiting :)
A couple of pics for you. 
Bekah (and a bunch of her friends) volunteers at the Frontier Culture Museum.  The last 2 years she worked at the Irish Farm.  She switched to 1850’s America this year.
It’s a great program for teens. Highly recommend it.
Some random pics at the museum.
IMG_4221 IMG_4223  

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