July 29, 2010

Just Precious

What I received from Ab yesterday.  I assured him that I LOVED him being in America with me. 

July 26, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


1) I am amazed about how much ‘stuff’ we can obtain in a short amount of time.  After our huge yard sale a couple of months ago…I am a still cleaning out and making boxes for give away!  I think it literally multiplies like rabbits!

2) Speaking of rabbits…..One of Grassroots Heroes projects in Grippis Farm is raising rabbits and ducks.  We have baby ducks now that our friends are very busy trying to keep warm (it is cold there right now.) Pics are coming soon!  These are projects that are being started to help the village become self-sustaining. If you would like to help us in this or sponsor a child’s education (for only $15 a month!)—hop on over to Grassroots Heroes and join us!  For the month of August and September—you will get a free t-shirt for each sponsorship!



3) I am reading this book right now:


This the sequel to Three Cups of Tea.  I love Greg Mortenson’s heart and thinking.  The importance of education to change the life of people or a country. Education is so needed—to give hope to dreams and life to a child.

4) We are in the midst of some unknowns for our family (something this momma who likes to control struggles with) so please pray for us that we will have wisdom and discernment.

5) I love my friends who have pools and are nice enough to let us use them!  (and my kids love them even more!)

038 040

July 24, 2010

Nascar Mania

My son is a big  huge OBSESSIVE Nascar fan.  Loves it. Studies it. Knows more than I think is possible—drivers, years of winning at which track with what care…type of things used on the car, etc etc.  His new dream is to be one of the pit crew for a Nascar driver.
(This is not a love he and his momma share. I’ve been once—didn’t really enjoy it. But daddy loves it as well—as does his Paw-Paw)
His birthday present this year was going to the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte. He, his dad, and Paw-Paw took a road trip on Friday.
IMG_9995 IMG_9974 IMG_9987
Josh’s favorite—Carl Edwards
Dad and Josh looking. They had a model track set up in the museum. You started in the beginning with the first cars and went up in time as you went around.  The banking of the track even increased like the real ones.
IMG_0003 IMG_0021 IMG_0030  
Dad telling Joshua something important :) I like this picture.

July 23, 2010

He is Provider!

This picture shows my past 2 days of work. Lots of grant applications and lots of emails asking friends for reference letters! What good friends. They probably dread my emails! I have these plus 3 more already out in the mail.
I was also reminded this week by an unexpected gift that God is in our adoption and He will provide.  Every time I begin to worry—He always provides evidence of His provision.  What a faith builder for me!
Remember my stone from IJM’s prayer gathering? (Read that post here)  It sits on my window sill about the kitchen sink (where I seem to spend a lot of time!) to remind me that He is Provider! 
God is our Provider---and I love it when He does it in the most unexpected ways!

July 21, 2010

Wednesday Links & Shopping!

 Praise Report!  We got our FDL yesterday!  For those not in adoption world—it is the Favorable Determination Letter from USCIS that states that you are ‘able to give proper care to an orphan child.’  This is basically permission to immigrate a child into the US. It seemed to be quicker this time than last…and I am oh so glad that the fingerprints were ok.  A copy is wired to National Visa Center and to the Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Now on to some really fun stuff!!

For a neat story and a giveaway for this grateful plaque go to



The Marquez has some neat t-shirts they are selling…they have different colors too!



Terrify No More book giveaway!  The book that turned my heart towards International Justice Mission…an eye-opening and compelling read!  I LOVE to share about IJM and their work!

On my blog…click here….just comment and share YOUR passion!


Guatemalan items that will support Project Santa in Guatemala!  Go to Journey of the Heart.



Love Is Not A Color T-Shirts!  Get yours today on our blog (top right!)! All proceeds go to fund the ministries we are involved in!

Love Is Not A Color T-Shirt


This book just came out on Amharic Kids! It looks great! I hope to purchase it soon! 


a Junk Posse giveaway for a $150 gift certificate. $5 earns an entry, and if you blog/tweet/facebook about it and tell her on HER blog, she'll choose one person and give them a little something extra!

Go here for more details and to donate the $5!

July 20, 2010

Things I Love to Share & Giveaway!

1) Adoption

I love to share about how God uses adoption to not only provide a child a loving home—but also how He uses it to change us.  How He uses it to paint a picture of His love for us. I love to share that if God calls—He will provide and enable.

july 2009 027

2) International Justice Mission

I love to share about IJM.  This organization grabbed my heart several years ago. Greg and I are justice advocates with them and are privileged to help them get the word out about slavery and what we can do to be modern day abolitionists! Click on the link to see some facts, real stories and the 5 Weeks for Freedom bike ride going on right now!

3) Zambia and Grassroots Heroes International

I love to share about Zambia and Grassroots Heroes.  Below is Celita, the little girl whose education we sponsor—for $15 a month!  This little girl was also the catalyst for moving Greg’s heart toward adoption.  To see more click on the link above or contact me at chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org!

selitat eating

4) Guatemala and Forever Changed International

I loved our recent trip to Guatemala and am waiting to hear from the Lord about what He will have us to continue to do there.


5) Ethiopia

I feel so connected to my son’s country. She will be forever engraved in our hearts. Our dream is to go back there to help and connect even more.  For now, we help by sending donations over and helping you to send donations over with traveling families. If you’d like to help send much needed supplies over email me at gcknight@verizon.net


6) God’s Word

I love to share God’s Word. I love to see eyes burn bright at the realization of God’s love and power. I love to see it ‘click’. His Word is living and active and I have seen proof positive of that many times!

zambia chikumbuso

Your turn!  What do you like to share?  Out of the comments (in 1 week)—I will send one random person the book Terrify No More (the story of IJM’s beginning)

July 19, 2010

Orphan Sunday 2010!

Below is information on Orphan Sunday coming Nov 7! Look now to see how you and your church can become involved!
Click here to join Orphan Sunday on Facebook!
Orphan Sunday Campaign Aims for 2,000 Local Events Nationwide

MCLEAN, VA — From Christianity Today to Catalyst, the biblical call to “defend the cause of the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17) is on hearts and minds of Christians in a way not seen in generations.
Last year, the national Orphan Sunday campaign led by the Christian Alliance for Orphans helped stoke this movement to a new intensity, including more than 1,500 local Orphan Sunday events nationwide. The 2010 campaign aims for more than 2,000 events across America the weekend of November 7, 2010 calling Christians to adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry.
Each Orphan Sunday event is led by local Christians stirred by the plight of the orphan. For these advocates, Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to spread their passion in their church and beyond. It’s also a chance to add echo to a nationwide movement.

More than 75 national organizations have joined forces in the Christian Alliance for Orphans to promote the 2010 campaign, including household names like Bethany Christian Services, Buckner, Focus on the Family, Show Hope and Family Life.

Orphan Sunday calls the Church to make the Gospel visible,” said Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. “When Christians open their hearts and homes in adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry, we mirror the God who did the same for us.”

The website www.orphansunday.org serves as a hub for the campaign, offering event ideas, downloadable materials and ways individuals can partner with orphan-serving ministries to hold local events. The site also contains a map of the country that will highlight local events nationwide as they are scheduled.

The need of orphans is so vast that no government, no nonprofit can overcome it,” said Jodi Jackson Tucker, national coordinator for the Orphan Sunday campaign. “There’s only one potential source of the love, nurture and belonging that every orphan most needs: that’s the Church.”
There are more than 500,000 children in the foster system in the U.S. today, with nearly 130,000 waiting to be adopted. Globally, an estimated 15 million children have lost both parents. The Orphan Sunday campaign invites Christians to be God’s answer to these needs. As the 2010 Orphan Sunday video puts it, “We set the lonely in families because God set us in His.”

miscellany monday


1) Number’s Update: 

For a boy


For a girl


We are planning a trip to Nashville at the end of the month for a picnic of adoption friends over the past 2 years.  Can’t wait and it will be great to meet all the people we have connected with through blogs, yahoo groups, email, and facebook!


I am starting Biggest Loser today. Yep. You heard right. A friend started a group.  You put $10 in the pot in the beginning. Every week you don’t lose, you have to add $5 in.  It’s honor system weigh-ins at home.  The contest is until Sept 20.  Whoever loses the most percentage at the end gets the pot.  If I win, the prize money will go to our child to be’s orphanage in Ethiopia.  So don’t tempt me with wonderful recipes on your blog ---unless they are healthy :)


I am blessed by great friends—all over the world. Some I only see on a occasion, some all the time, some I’ve met only once—some I’ve yet to meet.  Some I am just recently re-connecting with.  God knew that I was someone who needed great friends and He provides them.  You know who you are—and I am thankful for you!!

July 18, 2010

The Summer Life

I love the summer…we have a lot less pressure to do things and have more free time.

We take the time to read each day. (one of my favorite things to do!)

Josh just finished the whole Chronicles of Narnia, Bekah read To Kill a Mockingbird, Rachel is working through the Elsie Dinsmore series, Ab just finished Days Go By. Mom is reading No Ordinary Home and is hoping to begin some of the Sabbath Celebration practices into our lives.

Here are some random pics.

Dad loves to bring critters to the house. I am good with most of them..but I don’t do snakes.

IMG_9349 IMG_9353


Taking a field trip with friends. I loved the view here.

IMG_9381 IMG_9382

Cool place on the side of the road to wade in the water. There were several large cows from the other side in the water with them.

IMG_9385 IMG_9386

Making fairy houses…again! Rachel got some lamb ears (the plant—not the animal!) and sewed a basket up for her fairies!

IMG_9939 IMG_9949 IMG_9941 IMG_9948

Enjoy your Sunday.

Think about His goodness and His love for you.

Honor Him with your life.

July 15, 2010

Giveaways, Necklaces, T-Shirts, Cookies and Pizza!

The Stutzmans are hosting a t-shirt giveway on their blog.  Check it out here!

Here is a pic of their shirt!


The Lucht Family are selling necklaces for their adoption. Check them out here!

The Shubin Family has Africa cookie cutters and t-shirts!  Check them out here!

My friend Tricia  is selling pizza cards ! See her blog here!

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