July 7, 2010

Back to Reality

Amazing trip.  Amazing people.  Now back to reality.  It’s always hard for me to go and see and bond and feel and then come back home.
I am glad to be home with my family—I miss them when away—but I feel like I left part of my heart there.  I feel like I didn’t do enough…I feel like there is more there to do.
Now…the waiting part to see what God will do with it.  Is there more for me or my family to do? More trips?  Financially supporting? Supporting with prayer? Praying that God will lead and we will hear.
These images keep replaying in my head:
DSCN0378 - Copy - Copy - Copy  IMG_9480IMG_9544 IMG_9594 DSCN1205IMG_9822IMG_9754IMG_4838


  1. kindred spirits...I can't get off the computer, I keep looking for more photos, more photos! a blessing meeting you my friend!

  2. Those children are precious!

  3. Oh my dear I tried to warn you how great Guatemala was. My heart is always there. Every second of every day with the struggles of the people their. I am glad you had a good trip we need to get togehter again so I can hear of your trip!!

  4. I hear ya....getting ready to get on a plane to Ethiopia in less than a week and know I will have arough re-entry 10 days later, too. Hang on to Him and let Him sort it through for you!!

  5. Chrissy,

    SO GLAD your home!!! I know you left your precious mark on Guatemala, just as she did on you. We missed you but LOVED the updates!!


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