July 1, 2010

Day 4- The Dump

Yesterday we started off early and went to the dump.  We went there to hand out food, soap, and things for the children.  There are 190 families represented at the dump.  They sort everything at the dump into recyclables and what can be used or sold.
We took a bus ride and then walked through the gate and to the house in this:
(This is Maria’s shoe)
We used the ‘house’ of the president of the association (I think that was her title—she is in the white coat below) and developed a plan for people to walk through.
We then started having people escorted through as we handed things out.  This saved us from being mobbed as we handing things out. Plus, we could greet each one individually.  Guatemalan people love to hug and kiss. We did a lot of both yesterday!
Everyone lined up outside.
met beautiful people
We then went to walk around and finish handing out little things such as soap and stuffed animals.
P1040522IMG_9596 IMG_9590
P1040533  P1040524 P1040525 P1040527 P1040532
DSCN1192 DSCN1205

If you would like to help the people here--see Forever Changed International

A post on vbs and church to come later.

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