July 4, 2010

Day 6—Antigua and Pizza Party!

Friday we took a trip to Antigua to shop the market and have lunch.  Unfortunately we didn’t have too much time to explore.
We laughed at everyone having a ‘special price’ just for us.  In the beginning everyone is yelling for you to look at their stuff. I told one gal I’d be back later to (she was where we were dropped off) and I forgot about it.  She saw me standing and told me ‘you promise you come back’ …..and back I went.  Can’t even remember what I bought now…(haven’t unpacked yet)  Lesson learned there!IMG_9856  IMG_9875  IMG_9880 IMG_9870
Pizza Party!  We gave the kids a pizza party on Friday and Carolyn left noise blowers for us to give them…the kids loved them…I apologized to the special mothers!  :)  They are good sports.
IMG_9890 IMG_9892  
I must say…it was really hard to say goodbye to the kids and to the people of Dorie’s Promise.  I was blessed to see how much they love the children.
The 2 special moms here really blessed me.  The gal on the right is the special mother for the special needs kids.  She loves those kids so much.  I loved to watch her and hear her sing to the them.  She also let me practice my Spanish without laughing too hard :)  The one on the left ALWAYS had that smile on.

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  1. I lived vicariously through you this week! Thanks for the updates! I am so blessed to call you and Maria FRIENDS!


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