July 24, 2010

Nascar Mania

My son is a big  huge OBSESSIVE Nascar fan.  Loves it. Studies it. Knows more than I think is possible—drivers, years of winning at which track with what care…type of things used on the car, etc etc.  His new dream is to be one of the pit crew for a Nascar driver.
(This is not a love he and his momma share. I’ve been once—didn’t really enjoy it. But daddy loves it as well—as does his Paw-Paw)
His birthday present this year was going to the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte. He, his dad, and Paw-Paw took a road trip on Friday.
IMG_9995 IMG_9974 IMG_9987
Josh’s favorite—Carl Edwards
Dad and Josh looking. They had a model track set up in the museum. You started in the beginning with the first cars and went up in time as you went around.  The banking of the track even increased like the real ones.
IMG_0003 IMG_0021 IMG_0030  
Dad telling Joshua something important :) I like this picture.

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