July 20, 2010

Things I Love to Share & Giveaway!

1) Adoption

I love to share about how God uses adoption to not only provide a child a loving home—but also how He uses it to change us.  How He uses it to paint a picture of His love for us. I love to share that if God calls—He will provide and enable.

july 2009 027

2) International Justice Mission

I love to share about IJM.  This organization grabbed my heart several years ago. Greg and I are justice advocates with them and are privileged to help them get the word out about slavery and what we can do to be modern day abolitionists! Click on the link to see some facts, real stories and the 5 Weeks for Freedom bike ride going on right now!

3) Zambia and Grassroots Heroes International

I love to share about Zambia and Grassroots Heroes.  Below is Celita, the little girl whose education we sponsor—for $15 a month!  This little girl was also the catalyst for moving Greg’s heart toward adoption.  To see more click on the link above or contact me at chrissy@grassrootsheroes.org!

selitat eating

4) Guatemala and Forever Changed International

I loved our recent trip to Guatemala and am waiting to hear from the Lord about what He will have us to continue to do there.


5) Ethiopia

I feel so connected to my son’s country. She will be forever engraved in our hearts. Our dream is to go back there to help and connect even more.  For now, we help by sending donations over and helping you to send donations over with traveling families. If you’d like to help send much needed supplies over email me at gcknight@verizon.net


6) God’s Word

I love to share God’s Word. I love to see eyes burn bright at the realization of God’s love and power. I love to see it ‘click’. His Word is living and active and I have seen proof positive of that many times!

zambia chikumbuso

Your turn!  What do you like to share?  Out of the comments (in 1 week)—I will send one random person the book Terrify No More (the story of IJM’s beginning)


  1. I love to share about adoption and orphans and how we can make a difference whether we adopt or pray & support those who are called to adopt. I love sharing with my children about those who are in need and hurting and then listen to them pray as we go to the Lord to ask for His help. I love to listen to my children share about the need for families to rise up and adopt! I love to share my faith and let others know that Christ/Christianity is real not just a good way of living. I love to encourage others to get in the word and pray and find out what God is calling them to do rather than living self centered and saying "Hmmm...I wonder what I want to do today for myself..."

  2. Love to share about adoption- foster care, international, and domestic. ANYTHING so that hearts will be opened to God's calling to care for children...including sponsorship for Compassion or others as well.

    I love sharing Christ- His Word, with our summer staff- college aged young people, and with all the campers that come here :)

    Love sharing about Creation- that it is real, and that we did not come from ooze :) That we have a God that CREATED us.

    Love fighting for the unborn! THEY are HIS TOO!!!!!!!!

    Love reading about and praying for other ministries :)


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