August 5, 2010

AGCI Family Reunion

Off to Nashville!  8 hours in the car with 4 kids. 
Nashville 022
Anyone need a bird bike?Nashville 019
View of the city:
Nashville 024
Where I will live in Nashville. Between the Panera Bread and Starbucks…..and….Nashville 141
if I need Zombie Survival Gear…it’s just up the road!
Nashville 144
Friday we went to Troy’s house (who is selling some neat necklaces to help with his 2nd adoption) for a cook out.  Greg is having a pretty serious conversation with our friend Selam.
Nashville 066 
   Some beautiful children.—some of which did not want their picture taken!   
Nashville 139
Finally meeting me friend Stacey.  She and her family have been a support to us in our journey and we have loved them from afar. I got to hug her neck this weekend! Her daughter and Rachel made fast friends during the weekend!
Nashville 170
The girls getting their brothers! Look at those smiles!
Nashville 178
Some of my favorite people! We were hot and sticky sweaty. (It was near the 100’s) but we were having a good time!
Nashville 188
Group shot of all the families.
agci group shot
All the kids
Nashville 200
We went to have pizza with some friends. Nashville 220
So great to spend time with these gals! Lots of laughter and conversation going on that night!
Nashville 236
Sunday we had lunch at a local Ethiopian restaurant.
Nashville 260 Nashville 261
Ethiopian coffee with Maria……  ahhhh.
We went to the Centennial Mall in Nashville. Very nice.  Except it was so stinkin hot. 
Monday night we went to Mammoth Cave with the Pelley’s and did a night tour.
Nashville 278
Nashville 290
Look at the dates from these smoke writings. 1832!!
Nashville 291 Nashville 294   Nashville 297
It was very neat to see where a doctor tried to help tb patients, the smoke writings, and mining things from that long ago! I love history.
Funny story—At one point we were all sitting in one spot on benches and the guides were going to take the lanterns and leave so we could experience the darkness and the silence. This is where Ralph Waldo Emerson had sat and wrote poem about.  They leave to walk down the trail and we are all sitting there and someone passes gas. LOUD.  Well, as you can imagine the kids all are laughing hysterically.  Who am I kidding? I was laughing hysterically.  Some poor lady was trying to shush us all to be quiet. But, alas, the moment was gone.


  1. Don't you just love quiet respectful moments...SNORT! HAHAHAHA! SO good to see everyone this weekend and meet you face to face, now I'm trying to cook something up...we'll see.


  2. ooo..details details! In Texas? I've never been to Texas (well except 5 hours in the airport on the way to Guat.) ..hint...hint...


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