August 23, 2010

miscellany monday


1) Jon Boy and Jenny are in their chrysalis and Jason is working on his.  Mary Ellen is next!

Who are these people (other than characters on the Waltons?)  Our monarchs!  One by one they are changing! I love watching them!


2) Our favorite game currently:  Bananagrams!

   IMG_0721 IMG_0725 

3) Joshua’s  bearded dragon, Steve, is growing! He is quite fun and eats an enormous amount of crickets!  He loves his veggies too!

IMG_0742   IMG_0741

4) I am going to a Beth Moore conference this weekend and cannot wait!  It’s been several years since I have been to one and am looking forward to the extended worship and digging deep into the Word with thousands of other ladies!



  1. I wonder if Steve would like to come vacation at our house? We did some renovations this summer and apparently disturbed a large cricket population that now is overrunning our house...maybe Steve would think he was at a Bearded Dragon Spa?

  2. Maureen! Your comment made me laugh! I am sure he would give those crickets quite a run for their lives! They are probably those big ugly black ones, too! Those will keep you up all night as well!!


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