August 29, 2010

Oh How He Loves Us-Beth Moore, rattlesnake tails and cheesecake

Had a wonderful weekend!  Digging in deep into God’s word and worshipping  with 9,000 other ladies (and a few brave men) is a tiny taste of Heaven!
Few shots from the weekend:
As I waited in the car for my friend, I noticed this and it made me laugh!  Yes, that is a rattlesnake tail and a shark tooth in my ‘not an ashtray’ holder.  Can you tell that I am a science loving homeschooling mom?
  First arriving at the conference….a sea of women. And even more than what this picture shows…lots of them were in line for coffee and yep, you guessed it…the bathroom! IMG_0768
Tonya and I at the conference…Tricia—notice the great shirt I am wearing!!
The first night I was so blessed by two young women beside us.  They were so sincere and uninhibited in their worship that I was just drawn to them.Two young ladies on fire for God---I LOVED it!   We introduced ourselves and planned to sit together the next night.  We did so and had a wonderful time worshipping our Lord together!
One of my favorite parts of the worship was singing the song Oh, How He Loves Us by David Crowder (video at the end of post of the song.)  Just singing “Oh How He Loves Us” over and over and over. wow. gives me chills just thinking about it.
We studied John 1 for the week and it was all related and centered around an octave and the 8 names of God in that chapter and 8 things that we need to do to get back to our “middle c” which is the Word. (Word made flesh)
 Can anyone find those 8 names of God in John 1?  Comment in the sections if you can find them.  I might even have a prize for you :)
On the way home we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and ate some delicious cheesecake. It was way too good to be good for you---and it is now sitting on my hips! :)


  1. Wow- looks like you had a lot of fun, fellowship, worship, and great food :)

  2. I saw that you were the big winner in the coolest :) tote contest!! I hope you like it! I also learned that we have another friend in common, Jody, and you live close by. We have family in Waynesboro. Anyway...congratulations on your big win and thanks for advocating for the fatherless!!!


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