August 31, 2010

Pad Party for Girls--Seriously

Does that get your attention?  Sorry guys if any of you read this!
Here is the deal…in many countries girls are not as blessed like we are in the US are.
Their ‘monthly’ supplies are not available or not affordable if they were available or way too far away to even get to for purchase. (how is that for something unusual to be thankful for?  seriously? can you imagine?)
  Andrea’s post describes it so well.  I won’t even try.
Because of this girls miss out on a week of school each month—which also can lead to them being behind. This also leads to a host of other things such as infections and worse.
To help solve this problem—a bunch of ladies are hosting ‘pad parties’ to make these!  They are available to be bought but are expensive.  So we will make some! 
The project’s goal is to provide the girls from the Korah dump in Ethiopia that are going to school and the children and women in Zambia that Wiphan supports with pads.
Our goal is to provide each girl with a kit that will include: 10 re-usable pads, 2 pairs of panties and a drawstring bag. Our ultimate goal is to make 300 kits (3,000 pads).
I am going to host a party myself. Date and time to be announced soon. If you’d like to join me and help…there are many ways. You can come help draw patterns, cut fabric, sew, purchase fabric or underwear or help make the bags.
If you’d like to join in on this where you live or with me here in my humble abode.. send me an email and I’ll send you the email about how to join in!
There is a deadline of October 1 and December 1 so we will be doing something soon!
Here is another video about the Korah Dump in Ethiopia: (I posted one a couple days of ago as well)
and here is the site for Wiphan that works in Zambia supporting widows and orphans.


  1. Thank you, Charisa!!! I love how many women are getting involved with this!!! Yay!!!


  2. What a great idea. It is something that most of us never think to be thankful for.


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