September 3, 2010

Black Widows and Pads :)

We’ll get to the black widows and pads in a bit. Hang with me.  I was (am)  stressed this week over things that I have no control over.  I was reminded of the verse below by my friend Lynn.  I had this on the wall during Ab’s adoption…and yes, now it is on my wall again.  I love the words…slowly, steadily, surely.  Things that seem soooo slow in my view or when nothing seems to be happening…I KNOW that God is at work…it may be unseen with my eyes…but I know that He is always working and moving in my behalf.  029
I stumbled across this video last night and listened to it. I LOVE it!
Project Pad Party Date!!  Saturday, September 25. This will be a come when you want time.  I will be planning on working all day and evening with whomever shows up.  If you could let me know when or if you will be coming..send me an email at  If you would also like some ways to help before hand (fabric gathering..etc) let me know that!  If you can’t make it but would like to help out in another way..let me know!  and invite friends!! I would love to max out my house!!
Please come and help us help these precious women that live lives that are already so hard…let’s relieve one burden from them.  If you can’t’s okay.  You can cut patterns, pray for the women we are making them for, or something else!  There will be a job for you!
These pads will go to help the girls in school at Korah Dump in Ethiopia and to women and girls in Zambia.  I would love to have so much that we can bless others with them too!  There are a couple of other places that I want to check out as well.

Now…take a look at this scary critter.  He was underneath one of our pumpkins.  This place was loaded with crickets (which they love)
We generally leave God’s creation alone and just marvel at it. I, however, draw the line at poisonous spiders.  The only thing I could find was wasp killer…but I was there to save the day.
Dad comes to put him a bug container so we can watch him…I was far away at this point.
It is STILL alive!!  Barely…but it is still going. tough critter.
We also got to watch a monarch caterpillar actually transform into his chrysalis the other day.  The green thing was moving and shaking. It was pretty awesome to watch.  We love God’s creation at our house!
 016 019
Steve, Josh’s bearded dragon, is doing good.  He is growing and still eating a huge enormous amount of crickets!  We caught this picture one day. Poor Steve must have been embarrassed! :)  It’s hard to eat your food when it is sitting on your head!


  1. i hate when i have food on my face and no one tells me...;)

  2. Great pic's! Glad I've never seen one of those spiders in my yard... I don't know what I'd do:) I wish I lived close by, I would love to come by and help with the pads (even though I don't know how to sew yet). Have a great weekend!

  3. I had a huge spider in my bathroom this week when I was getting ready for work. Usually I yell for Rich to come and kill them but he had already gone to work so I got my courage up and did it myself. I have no problem with killing that part of God's creation!


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