September 18, 2010

Getting Ready!

Reminder of our Pad Party this Saturday to make re-usable pads for women who aren’t as blessed as we are!
I made our first sample and fought with my sewing machine some (sewing is NOT one of my strengths!)  and have been cutting strips to layer together for the pads.
Our first sample:
I can’t tell you how humbled I have been while trying to make this and thinking about it---how it will be used, wondering if it will hold up, wondering if it will work well….humbled and grateful.
Ladies, we are sooo blessed.
Remember that this weekend and use those blessings to help someone this week!  It can be something very simple…or something big.  It’s your heart that matters.
Remember, this Saturday (25th) from 8am to 9pm..come anytime.  Soup and other goodies will be provided. Bring sewing machine/scissors if you have them. We’ll set up an assembly line!
Email me with questions!
And…the ones we make may possibly go to Ethiopia in October with a friend from Blacksburg!  They will get there soon and help to make women’s and girls’ lives just a tad bit easier.
Blessings to all of you!
In prayer time tomorrow during Sunday School thank God for tampons and menstrual pads!! :)  Can you imagine the double takes that will cause!  heehee.

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