September 13, 2010

New Year Celebration

This weekend we were blessed to attend a New Year Celebration (according to the Ethiopian calendar…it’s now 2003 there.)  I always enjoy being immersed in Ethiopian culture.  I love it. 
Great food, dancing, laughter, and different languages scattered throughout.
I love that when each person arrives they make the rounds and greet everyone.  everyone.  I told my husband when we came out that we don’t do that in our culture. We usually greet our friends and that’s it unless we are forced to.
I was blessed by one recent refugee who told me  “America has been sooo good to me”  I asked him "really? do you really feel that way?” He answered me “oh yes.”  I was blessed to hear that.
I am thankful that we are included in such events and that we are welcomed with open arms.
now I just need my own Ethiopian dress. Next trip to Ethiopia…it’s near the top of the list :)

Everyone being welcomed and the holiday being explained015 016
Wonderful food !
Coffee Ceremony
Trying to get Ab to dance…he was a little shy :) he just kept covering his face and giggling.
I am so glad that our world has been expanded to include such beautiful people..inside and out.  God has blessed us indeed.

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