October 28, 2010

Making A Difference Class

My friend, Lisa, is teaching a class in our co-op this year called Making A Difference and I get to be her sidekick.  It’s a great class and she has some great ideas. I wanted to share them here so others can use them or even just do them at home with the kiddos!
The kids each bring a can of food each week to be given to the a food bank in our area and are challenged each to complete the boom boom’ cards.  

They have various things on them to do each week and then the kids trade cards.  Rachel has had to empty the trash on her own, stick a nice note in someone’s locker (she did desk), help a neighbor, and this week’s was go a day only saying positive things.  There are teen sets, family sets, every day and even green sets.  Check them out at the link above. Sometimes we just need a suggestion to help us do something that matters.
This month our classes have centered our the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and his program Pennies for Peace.
This is a great program that includes videos and curriculum to teach about the Middle East and how education is one of the key components to changing lives.
Lisa even brought in a real burqa for the kids to try on to see how it would feel walking around covered up.
We also made kites :)IMG_1722

October 25, 2010

Pictures from the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk!

ONE Day, ONE Place, ONE Voice


At least $98,000 raised to be given to ministries to fight modern slavery! Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause!

cropped dana and i

We were excited to get there!  Tons of people were registering and we walked around a bit before the place filled up.


People mistakenly think that modern day slavery is a foreign problem but it is increasingly becoming a US problem as well.


The canine population was represented well as well.


The walk begins…it was a ton of people. We were walking shoulder to shoulder for a while.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1760

In front of Lincoln Memorial:

IMG_1762 IMG_1764

Saw this on one of the fountain walls. Thought it represented the day well. 


There was a group from the Ukraine as well!

IMG_1774 IMG_1775



We returned and had some inspiring speakers who also shared the depth of the problems.

This gal  was Linda Smith with Share Hope International.  She gave some statistics that were staggering for the US.  I was shocked. 


Steve Kim with 318 Partners. Steve works to rescue trafficked North Korean women.


Lamont Hiebert sang. He works with Love 146 that fights to abolish child slavery. He led worship for IJM’s prayer gathering in February and is a powerful leader in worship.  His songs speak volumes.


Alison Friedman with the Dept of State also spoke on issues and problems and what we can do to help.IMG_1793

The guy below is with the  Polaris Project. and I am embarrassed that I can’t remember his name! It was his birthday though..I remember that—the crowd sang Happy Birthday.  They have a great website.  Go check it out.


Below is a gal who made me cry. She is Wendy Hart and is a survivor. She was real, open, and raw. She spoke on  how to help our children and ourselves become predator proof.  Go to her website, read her story, and educate yourself.


Now some silly things from the day :)  I went to 7-11 with my friend and we were getting coffee (well, I was getting coffee and Nutter Butters for breakfast—hey, it had protein!) and looked at an endcap while checking out and there sat injera!  I was so excited and bought 2 packs. You never see that in the 7-11’s in my hometown!


At the metro…I bought my ticket and then couldn’t find it afterwards ….Dana and I looked for it and it was nowhere!  I just knew that it didn’t come out of the machine. Dana thought that she had seen me holding it. Checked pockets, wallet..etc. Couldn’t find it. Took receipt to nice man behind gate.  He grudgingly came out to help me. Went back in to check something out. I looked in wallet again. Dana says “there it is”  Gulp. Tell nice man I found it while smiling big. He was not amused. Asked “how can you put something in your wallet and not know you had it?”  Mister, if you lived my life…the answer would be “very easily…every day in fact!”

On the way home we spotted this!  Do you know who that is?IMG_1800

Bert! I am now wondering where poor Ernie is??


Doro Tibbs

Here is my version of Doro Tibbs…The kids love this one and it’s great for those who don’t like the spicy Ethiopian food!

Cut the chicken into chunks and fry them in the Niter Kibbeh  (click on link for recipe)….I keep some in a jar in my fridge. I use it a lot in our Ethiopian food.IMG_1665

Add onions, red, yellow, and green peppers (or any combination depending on what you have---you may want to precook them depending on how cooked you like your veggies) and any other veggie you’d like to put in it (some recipes call for tomatoes as well)


I usually add more turmeric as well as it is heating up . 

Serve with Injera or rice!

October 18, 2010

Himbasha Recipe

1 cup water
around 4 cups of flour--more or less to make it a dense dough..not real sticky
1/4 cup oil
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup (or more depending on how sweet you want it) honey
2 tsp yeast (don't put salt in next to yeast...put the yeast in with your honey)
2 tsp of black sesame seeds
2 tsp fenugreek
2 tsp thyme
2 tsp cardamom (next time I will probably use 2 1/2 of the cardamom)
Let is rise and then take and put it on a round pan. Make it into a circle and let rise more (not huge) then back at 350 until light golden. I brushed with butter afterward.

 IMG_1517 IMG_1520 IMG_1522 IMG_1524 IMG_1527 IMG_1529


It may not look the prettiest…but it tastes good and it makes Ab happy!

Coming up….Doro Tibbs :) one of my faves!

October 14, 2010

Note from daughter

I know, it’s pitiful.  I actually found this on my counter yesterday afternoon.  You’d think she’d want to share with me. Just because I got carried away a couple of times and ate them all shouldn’t cause her to be selfish.
:)  Yes, I’ve been good and stayed away….this time.

October 13, 2010

The Statistics on Human Trafficking

Yes, it’s ugly.  No, we don’t wish to hear about it. But---how does that change anything?
With knowledge comes responsibility….to do something. anything. 
A video introducing International Justice Mission.
I can tell you that I have personally been at the office and met Gary Haugen.  He and his staff are the real deal.  I could literally feel God’s presence when I walked into that room.  I was able to sit in at prayer time and hear the staff pray for one girl to be found so she could be rescued.
I was so blessed that they prayed for the one. Gives me a picture of God…as big as He is…He still loves each one of us individually and is concerned for us and wants to rescue the one
I encourage you to check out http://www.ijm.org/ and sign up for the prayer list emails so you can be a part of this ministry!

 I am walking in the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk on Oct 23. 

 If you would like to sponsor my walk (my goal is $500...I'm at $135!) just click on the logo and it will take you to my donation.

 All proceeds go to fight human trafficking!

October 11, 2010

What? 8 yrs old?

Last week Ab turned eight years old! 
We had a lot of fun surprising him with a party. We were in stealth mode all morning taking things out to the car. We went to the park and set up while Dad brought Ab later.  He came running up the hill to the playground and I grabbed him and told him it was his birthday party and pointed out all of his friends. He got all shy and bashful. 
He later declared that “birthday parties are really fun!”

telling Ab that it's his birthday party :)

October '10 097
His cupcakes on top of himbasha.October '10 091 
While we were singing Happy Birthday  October '10 105
October '10 150
The honeybees were very plentiful.  But at least they were nice…no stings.
October '10 145  IMG_1580   IMG_1558
Ab decided that he wanted to go skydiving.  He is saving up for it and was SHOCKED that you have to be 18.  :)

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1) Our well thingamajig broke and we’ve had no water since Sunday morning.  You really discover how much you use water when you have none!  Brought to mind my post the other day on water and how Jesus is Living Water.
2) My crazy adoption blog is giving away a 2  MISSION TRIPS to Ethiopia!!!

All you have to do is order a Simply Love t-shirt. (which you so want anyways!) and be entered in!

3) All of these pad party projects are now in Jody’s hands and will making their way to Ethiopia. Thanks Jody!  PS…check out Jody’s etsy site to order some neat jewelry!  and stay tuned for another work date!
4) I spent time with some great friends this past weekend.  I love friends that you can pick up right where you left off from years ago and that you can laugh with until your stomach aches.
5) I am walking in the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk .
Slavery is a huge issue across the globe and we CAN do something about it!  The statistics are alarming and I am going to share more about those later.
I would LOVE for you to join me in DC or sponsor my walk!  Here is the link to my page.

On October 23, 2010, thousands of people will gather on the National Mall for the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk, a united effort to celebrate human rights, raise awareness about human trafficking, and raise funds for organizations working to end human trafficking.
It’s One day, One place, and One Voice for the Voiceless!
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