October 28, 2010

Making A Difference Class

My friend, Lisa, is teaching a class in our co-op this year called Making A Difference and I get to be her sidekick.  It’s a great class and she has some great ideas. I wanted to share them here so others can use them or even just do them at home with the kiddos!
The kids each bring a can of food each week to be given to the a food bank in our area and are challenged each to complete the boom boom’ cards.  

They have various things on them to do each week and then the kids trade cards.  Rachel has had to empty the trash on her own, stick a nice note in someone’s locker (she did desk), help a neighbor, and this week’s was go a day only saying positive things.  There are teen sets, family sets, every day and even green sets.  Check them out at the link above. Sometimes we just need a suggestion to help us do something that matters.
This month our classes have centered our the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and his program Pennies for Peace.
This is a great program that includes videos and curriculum to teach about the Middle East and how education is one of the key components to changing lives.
Lisa even brought in a real burqa for the kids to try on to see how it would feel walking around covered up.
We also made kites :)IMG_1722


  1. Sounds awesome - going to check out those cards :)

  2. Wow-great ideas, I love it! I've never heard of those cards before, it sounds great. I've been going to check out the youth version of that book for my son...thanks for bringing it back to my mind so I will actually do it!

  3. aside from the cards, I'd LOVE to hear more about what you do each week in the class. I'd love to offer a co-op class on MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
    You can email me privately, if you wish!


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