October 14, 2010

Note from daughter

I know, it’s pitiful.  I actually found this on my counter yesterday afternoon.  You’d think she’d want to share with me. Just because I got carried away a couple of times and ate them all shouldn’t cause her to be selfish.
:)  Yes, I’ve been good and stayed away….this time.


  1. oh that is hilarious!! and totally something that would happen at our house hahaha

  2. Sounds familiar! Too funny!

    And by the way, I don't think I ever properly thanked you for the awesome Africa bag! My sister Larisa purchased one for me and I LOVE it! Thank you!

  3. That is so me! And sadly, for our kids, it's my husband too!

  4. I think she should hide them.... like in an empty coffee cup in the cabinet... that's where I hide mine!


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