October 25, 2010

Pictures from the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk!

ONE Day, ONE Place, ONE Voice


At least $98,000 raised to be given to ministries to fight modern slavery! Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause!

cropped dana and i

We were excited to get there!  Tons of people were registering and we walked around a bit before the place filled up.


People mistakenly think that modern day slavery is a foreign problem but it is increasingly becoming a US problem as well.


The canine population was represented well as well.


The walk begins…it was a ton of people. We were walking shoulder to shoulder for a while.

IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1760

In front of Lincoln Memorial:

IMG_1762 IMG_1764

Saw this on one of the fountain walls. Thought it represented the day well. 


There was a group from the Ukraine as well!

IMG_1774 IMG_1775



We returned and had some inspiring speakers who also shared the depth of the problems.

This gal  was Linda Smith with Share Hope International.  She gave some statistics that were staggering for the US.  I was shocked. 


Steve Kim with 318 Partners. Steve works to rescue trafficked North Korean women.


Lamont Hiebert sang. He works with Love 146 that fights to abolish child slavery. He led worship for IJM’s prayer gathering in February and is a powerful leader in worship.  His songs speak volumes.


Alison Friedman with the Dept of State also spoke on issues and problems and what we can do to help.IMG_1793

The guy below is with the  Polaris Project. and I am embarrassed that I can’t remember his name! It was his birthday though..I remember that—the crowd sang Happy Birthday.  They have a great website.  Go check it out.


Below is a gal who made me cry. She is Wendy Hart and is a survivor. She was real, open, and raw. She spoke on  how to help our children and ourselves become predator proof.  Go to her website, read her story, and educate yourself.


Now some silly things from the day :)  I went to 7-11 with my friend and we were getting coffee (well, I was getting coffee and Nutter Butters for breakfast—hey, it had protein!) and looked at an endcap while checking out and there sat injera!  I was so excited and bought 2 packs. You never see that in the 7-11’s in my hometown!


At the metro…I bought my ticket and then couldn’t find it afterwards ….Dana and I looked for it and it was nowhere!  I just knew that it didn’t come out of the machine. Dana thought that she had seen me holding it. Checked pockets, wallet..etc. Couldn’t find it. Took receipt to nice man behind gate.  He grudgingly came out to help me. Went back in to check something out. I looked in wallet again. Dana says “there it is”  Gulp. Tell nice man I found it while smiling big. He was not amused. Asked “how can you put something in your wallet and not know you had it?”  Mister, if you lived my life…the answer would be “very easily…every day in fact!”

On the way home we spotted this!  Do you know who that is?IMG_1800

Bert! I am now wondering where poor Ernie is??


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