October 6, 2010

shopping---Knight style

This past Saturday the the boys went to a cookout and the girls and I had a ‘girls night out.’  We started off by hitting Kohl’s clearance racks. No such luck.  Bekah was looking for some jeans—hard to find size 0 ‘normal looking’ petite jeans.  Old Navy is in our sites.

We then headed over to Target to hunt for bargains there.  Score..long socks for Rachel for .98 a pack and 2.48 a pack.  Rachel loves the long socks—especially because of sensitive skin that pants tend to give a rash.
Now on to Books A Million. Rachel found three fairy books for a dollar each.  She carried them around and then said…” Mom, I can get these at the libary..right?”  To which I replied ''yep, you can” and then declared she will do that instead of spending her $3.  That’s my girl…I am so proud.
I found something that I wanted to get for a Christmas gift but it was $50. I took a picture of it with my phone (favorite use of my camera phone) so I could check it out later.  The same book online at Books A Million  was $32!!  Makes no sense to me…same store but that much cheaper!

Bekah was at your usual spot of weird books.  Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Books of Useless Information, Guinness Book of World Records, and other such things. She  laughs and tells me “ I always want things that are more expensive than what I want to pay for them.”  Yep…she has woke up to reality :)  She’s asking Grandma for the Useless book for Christmas. :) 
On the way out back to the car we were walking by some gals sitting on the curb.  Due to the low-cut jeans, more than what you wanted to see was being shown.  As we walked by I made a comment that I saw more than I wanted.  Rachel asked if she could go back and look.  Ummmm..no.
Anyone else out hear tired of seeing more than you want?  Come on gals, pull your pants up! (or at least wear long shirts!)

Dinner time was at McAlisters (yum)  Bacon spud shared, salad shared, and a 1/2 sandwich.  Waters all around.  We got out of there for $13 and a survey for a $3 coupon next time.  Stopped for a gallon of ice cream (the good stuff was on sale!) and splurged at home.
A good shopping trip.  Items purchased on the cheap, money saved, and good dinner with dessert as well!


  1. sounds good to me. And yes- I see waaayyy tooo much too. We have the hallelujah rule in our home- if you jump up to say hallelujah and anything shows you don't wear it. If you sit and I see anything I shouldn't- you don't wear it. he he he

  2. oohh, that sounds like a great time!!!

  3. What? A gallon of ice cream? Weren't we always picking on the guys because they wanted to do the gallon of ice cream? :)
    I guess Greg is rubbing off on you!

  4. that sounds EXACTLY like how we roll! (well, ok, exept we hit Goodwill before any "real" stores, haha) and oh my word with the jeans! and the short EVERYTHING!!! living in a college town gives lots of opportunities to discuss God's desires for modesty and purity (and eye rolling...)

  5. WOO HOO! Now that is shoppin'! WHAT FUN! And, yea... sadly... wish we'd see quite a bit LESS!

  6. They say Books are best friends I do agree and I have many books which inspire me alot


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