October 13, 2010

The Statistics on Human Trafficking

Yes, it’s ugly.  No, we don’t wish to hear about it. But---how does that change anything?
With knowledge comes responsibility….to do something. anything. 
A video introducing International Justice Mission.
I can tell you that I have personally been at the office and met Gary Haugen.  He and his staff are the real deal.  I could literally feel God’s presence when I walked into that room.  I was able to sit in at prayer time and hear the staff pray for one girl to be found so she could be rescued.
I was so blessed that they prayed for the one. Gives me a picture of God…as big as He is…He still loves each one of us individually and is concerned for us and wants to rescue the one
I encourage you to check out http://www.ijm.org/ and sign up for the prayer list emails so you can be a part of this ministry!

 I am walking in the DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk on Oct 23. 

 If you would like to sponsor my walk (my goal is $500...I'm at $135!) just click on the logo and it will take you to my donation.

 All proceeds go to fight human trafficking!


  1. Thanks for this info Chrissy. I want to include it in my Orphan Sunday info.

  2. Human Trafficking is hideous crime watch these stories about the modern day slavery



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