October 11, 2010

What? 8 yrs old?

Last week Ab turned eight years old! 
We had a lot of fun surprising him with a party. We were in stealth mode all morning taking things out to the car. We went to the park and set up while Dad brought Ab later.  He came running up the hill to the playground and I grabbed him and told him it was his birthday party and pointed out all of his friends. He got all shy and bashful. 
He later declared that “birthday parties are really fun!”

telling Ab that it's his birthday party :)

October '10 097
His cupcakes on top of himbasha.October '10 091 
While we were singing Happy Birthday  October '10 105
October '10 150
The honeybees were very plentiful.  But at least they were nice…no stings.
October '10 145  IMG_1580   IMG_1558
Ab decided that he wanted to go skydiving.  He is saving up for it and was SHOCKED that you have to be 18.  :)


  1. I just love that kid! Looks like a fun day! So happy we can be a part of his growing up years!


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