November 20, 2010

Citizenship and Nets!!

Friday we finally got to go to Fairfax to get Ab’s certificate of citizenship (commonly referred to in adoption world as COC.)  Because of an age change and turn over in the personnel department at Fairfax, it took a lot longer than usual ( a year and a half to be exact.)
We got there at 9:30 and waited for Ab’s name to be called. We went to the window and Ab had to sign his name on 3 different spots.  He was also given a flag at this time. 
We then were taken upstairs to wait. and wait. and wait. Their ceremony was scheduled for 11.  It was an interesting wait for ‘people watching’. I usually try to guess where everyone was from.  I would have really enjoyed hearing people’s stories.  This was a children’s citizenship ceremony so there were lots of kids!
11-19-2010 DC Trip 098
The kids had to sit in there assigned seats while we waited in the back.
11-19-2010 DC Trip 099
Message from our President via television :)
11-19-2010 DC Trip 100
Everyone was called to stand up when she read their native country.  We then to recited the pledge to the American flag. Some of the countries I remember being called---China, Haiti, Peru, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, India.  There were more but I can’t remember them all.
11-19-2010 DC Trip 102  
Then your name is called and you are given your official Certificate of Citizenship!  Ab was very proud!  It’s Saturday morning as I write this and Greg just came in to tell me that Ab was outside and in his most official voice said “Today is the first time I throw a frisbee as an American!”

Update on Save a Life with a Net!
We are up to 6 mosquito nets!  Would you like to Save a Life with a mosquito net?  $10 will purchase one for one our families at Grippes Farm in Zambia.  $10. 
Click here for the statistics on malaria and what you may be given for donating and how to donate!
For children such as this:
or this:
Just $10 per net….what did you spend $10 on yesterday? 


  1. CONGRATS AB! COC!!! WHAT A DAY! Our experience was FAR more low-key... the certificate came in the mail. Yep. That's it. No special ceremony. SO GLAD YOU HAD "AN EVENT"!

  2. Congrats!!!!
    I remember when Jason became a citizen :) He loved wearing his flag tie.


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