November 17, 2010


Greg got back from his training with IJM on Monday evening.  He spent Monday on Capitol Hill advocating for bills that would help to protect those who have been  or are vulnerable to being trafficked.
He met some great people and enjoyed his good but intense weekend.
And….I have asked him to guest post on here so he can tell you about the weekend in his own words. Look for that tomorrow.
And can I say…that if he tells me one more time how much I would have loved the weekend if I could have gone that I may just hit him?  Seriously. :)  Just kidding. Maybe.
I am going to the Benefit Dinner on Dec 9 in DC (want to go? email me!) and am already looking forward to the Prayer Gathering early next year.
I do want to share a GREAT cd with you.  People always ask me…”what can I do?”  Well, here is a simple one. Buy a CD which will support IJM and you will get some great music (40 songs) plus At the End of Slavery dvd.  I have one and love it. A wide variety of music is on it.
Click on the cd below to see a listing of songs and artists.

To buy one, click here or go to Family Christian Bookstore. They are only $5!!!
From FCB’s website:
Every CD you buy helps to rescue another victim. In fact, 27 million men, women and children are held as slaves. That is why artists Natalie Grant, Sara Groves, Third Day and many others are uniting for the Freedom project, a music initiative to help the victims of slavery and violent oppression. International Justice Mission® is an agency dedicated to defending individual human rights. In response to Isaiah 1:17, IJM’s professional work tirelessly to rescue, protect and secure justice for victims across three continents.
“…Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.” Isaiah 1:17 NLT.

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