November 1, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1)  Last week we had a VERY multi-cultural meal.  Siga Wat with injera, nachos, and potato salad. It was left over night. Can you tell?

2) Last night our church had Fallapalooza. We were a  hillbilly family and my hubby was a good sport and dressed up as the dog.  We even brought some chickens along—that all the kids loved.

Rach was an Cleopatra and Ab was Mace Windu (and he got a hair cut for the event but he wouldn’t go bald!)


3) our new number for boy!

4) I am in a major clean out stage at home.  restlessness = get rid of junk.  The kids better lock their rooms!

Happy Monday everyone!

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