November 11, 2010

The Next Journey

God has blessed us this week.
The last couple of weeks months have been a bit stressful due to a couple of different circumstances. One being that Greg’s position was cut and he needed to look for a new job. I was stressed to say the least. Especially in the midst of our adoption. However God has placed him now in a place that matches his heart and his giftings.  He will now be working with an affiliate of Feeding America—using the skills he has acquired and learned with his job in the corporate world to help those in need.
To say that I struggled in this time would probably be a bit of understatement. (that’s why my blog has been a bit quiet—figured you didn’t want my whiny ole’ self spouting off to you) So many what if’s and unknowns and why’s.  But our God is a faithful God.  He has blessed us immensely this week.
1) Greg has a job that will match his heart and passions.
2) We learned that Ab’s citizenship has finally been granted! We go next week for the ceremony. He will officially now be an American.
3) We found out that we are now #13 on the ‘boy’ list. Moving on up and can’t wait to eventually see a picture of the child God will place with us to love and nurture.
4) I am blessed by a WONDERFUL group of friends. Near and Far. You know who you are.  People who know and love me in spite of myself! after all this and I listen to this song (watch all the way to the end to be REALLY blessed) which just had me all weepy to think on how much my God really loves me. spite of myself.
Then…I am sitting outside and I see a shooting star! There is a history here. Several years ago  I was at a Beth Moore conference and she spoke on creation and the stars and how they were created by God and how they show the depth of His love for us.
From Psalm 103:11
For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;
(Do a study on the universe to know how high those heavens are!)
That just remained in my heart from that time. An assurance of His love. I have taught on it and many times have stood outside, looked at the stars and whispered to myself “This is how much my God loves me”  I said so many times as we walked in the door to the kids “guys, look at the stars” and they would reply “yes, mom, that’s how much God loves us”
So after that day, to sit outside and see a shooting star---just magnified it all.
Yes, my God loves me.


  1. Awesome!! Love this!! Love how God loves us!

  2. What a wonderful God we serve! We are SO thrilled about Greg's job and Ab's citizenship. We've been praying about both,and are so thankful for God's faithfulness in answering them so beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful post. So glad to hear how God is working in your life.

  4. AMEN! WATCH LOUIE GIGLIO'S VIDEOS about God's AMAZING stars and you realize how SMALL we are and get so BLESSED that he CARES about small US!

  5. lost my computer to the kids for about an hour b/c they heard Kim Walker - they are in AWE of her music and love to sing to GOD like she does!

  6. Thanks guys...I am blessed by your prayers and friendship!

    Maria..I know..I love Kim Walker's stuff!


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