November 18, 2010

Save a Life with a Net!

A mosquito net.

 Reports from Vince and Samantha (our friends in Zambia --see Grassroots Heroes link above to learn about them) are that the malaria cases are increasing in Grippes Farm and simple mosquito nets will help to prevent this.  As soon as I can get the funds, the money will get to Vince the next day, the nets purchased and handout out!  A FAST return on your money!

Take a look at these shocking statistics.  (from Nothing but Nets website)
  • Malaria kills more than a million people per year; 90 percent of those who die are African children.
  • Every 30 seconds in Africa a child dies of malaria.
  • Malaria incapacitates people, keeping countries poor. In addition to the health burden, malaria illness and death cost Africa about $12 billion per year.

From something that is preventable.
Can you help?
$10 will provide a net to give relief from the mosquitoes. to prevent malaria. to prevent another child from dying.

I will enter each person who buys a net in a drawing for this bracelet. 

I picked this up while in Zambia and it was made by the hands of women at Chikumbuso.  Women whose lives have been touched by AIDS.  It was one of the best experiences I had while there. Dancing with those women (well, trying too anyways) and singing with them and being hugged and greeted by every single one of them. I was humbled by their hard lives and greetings of love.

and one of these grassroots heroes t-shirts.


I will choose the winners next Friday...November 27. 

Please help us to make a difference in the lives of this community. $10= about 2 coffees at a shop or a movie.

  Lasting impact versus a moment of pleasure.

Update!! 10 nets have now been purchased! Please help us get the Grippes Farm covered and protected!! 

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