November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Final Net Count & a winner !

The big kids decide to decorate outside….I am watching to see if a fight will ensue. IMG_2284
I got out to help…thankfully there are no pictures of me standing and precariously reaching out to throw the lights over the tree….
They decide to to do the bushes instead… (I was still voting for throwing them over the tree from the ladder. I think they were worried for my safety.)
Went inside and made the best Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake. was good. 
Tell me..does your kitchen look like this when you are done?
I am ashamed to say I have no pictures of Thanksgiving Day.  Horrible, I know. I was busy.
Friday, we went to pick out our tree. This year the two big kids got the final say.  And…as we left and I told Ab to get his big coat , we discovered he had no big coat. So he is wearing big brothers…just a tad too big! :)  Don’t worry..he has one now.
IMG_2310 IMG_2315
After looking through the field…they pick one already cut.
IMG_2317 IMG_2319
Tree is now decorated and the boys were lounging watching the Va Tech / UVA game. I looked in and saw this…
love it.
And now…
Update on the Nets!!
Our final count is 45!!! 
Thank you friends so much for caring about people you have never met!!
I am blessed, Vince & Samantha are blessed and the people of Grippes Farm will be blessed.
And the random (computer picked not me!) winner of the bracelet and t-shirt is my high school friend Christina!! 
Christina, I will contact you to get your address! Thank you!!
The money will be sent over on Monday and the nets purchased and delivered this week. Now I am praying they are cheaper than expected so even more can be bought with your gifts!!
I will be post pictures as soon as possible!!
(PS…if you missed this and still want to give you still can!!  Click here for the post.   Vince’s goal was a 100 nets)


  1. Love picking out trees....we just do fake.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was GREAT!!!

  2. Yeah, my kitchen looks just like that!

  3. LOVE the Hokie hat, love even MORE that they CRUSHED UVa and LOVE the MOST about the nets!!! :)

  4. Wow - didn't realize your kitchen looked like that - it was all clean and festive when we arrived. And the cheesecake was to die for. Thank you for including us in your family Thanksgiving. You are our family here in Virginia! I love the pic of Ab and Greg - so sweet!


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